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Articles about the central nervous system

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  • Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional. Although it was once thought that there was no new generation of neurons in the nervous system, studies have shown that the brain retains neural stem cells NSCs into adulthood, and neurogenesis continues to occur. The human nervous system. Ue is the peripheral nervous system, while red is central nervous system.
  • The high risk associated with cocaine remains the same regardless of whether the drug is snorted, smoked, or injected into the users bloodstream. Neurons are nerve cells that transmit signals from one location of the body to another. A fun thing to do is to keep a record of when your babies hiccups en utero. Is can be a fun piece of information to store in your baby book or share with your child.
  • Annals Of The Association Of American Geographers, 95 2 , 269-293. nervous system disease Localization of neurological disease: The nature and pattern of the symptoms and physical signs of neurological disease allow inferences to.
  • To identify pseudotumor cerebri, doctors look for the existence of swollen optic nerves called papilledema when they examine the back of the eye How Obesity Harms the Body, 2013. The central nervous system or CNS include the brain and spinal cord. E CNS is responsible for the control of thought processes, movement, and provides sensation. Amphetamines are central nervous system stimulants. Edominantly used to treat ADHD in children and narcolepsy, they are highly addictive substances.
  • The centuries-old Chinese practice of acupuncture, rooted in 'non-scientific' and 'non-Western' thought and medicine, has burgeoned during the late-twentieth century trend towards 'alternative medicines. Brain StructuresCerebral CortexFunctions: Thought Voluntary movement Language Reasoning PerceptionThe word "cortex" comes from the Latin word for "bark" of a tree. Disorders of the nervous system include stroke, infections, such as meningitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and functional disorders, such as headache and epilepsy.
  • Now that you have read about the areas of the brain, take a look atwhere these areas are located:Check out the for definitionsof other brain areas. Amphetamines are central nervous system stimulants. Edominantly used to treat ADHD in children and narcolepsy, they are highly addictive substances.

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